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How tall is he? [24 Feb 2013|09:20pm]

Does anybody know David Dixon's height? I can't seem to find a definite answer anywhere.

(While I'm asking, if anybody knows Simon Jones's height, that would be awesome too!)

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Happy Birthday David! [30 Oct 2011|03:08am]
Cheers David!

 A little late this year but never forgotten,

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2011 [26 Aug 2011|06:57pm]

Just posting here since we haven't had anyone post here in a while. Still love David. Hope he & ya'll are doing well. Peace out, y'all. <3
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Horseman Riding By [12 Nov 2010|01:06pm]

I'm watching Horseman Riding By lately, and I was very excited to see David there as the son of the curate and a pacifist. :) Looking forward to finding out what happens to his character.
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Some sort of subject here [29 Dec 2009|01:07am]

Hi there! (is it sad that whenever I say that I want to continue with "this is Eddie your shipboard computer!"? Anywho...)
I'm new here, to this group and to livejournal (thought I'd finally join, after all these years I've been hanging around on the internet :P...), so I just thought I'd say hello! I've been a Hitchhiker's fan for quite a while, but I'd actually never watched the TV series until... well, a few days ago, really :P And I have to say... David is lovely, isn't he? 
So over the course of a few days, he's gained another fan!
And by the way, I agree with everyone who's said he should be in Doctor Who... he'd be perfect! =D

Anyway, I guess that'll be it for now... peace and love!
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Small request [21 Dec 2009|03:00am]

Hello everyone! =)
I'm a Dixon fan from Russia (and I'm not the only one!) and I love him sooo much!
And I was wondering if you could help me. I can't find Escort Girls anywhere and if someone uploaded it for me or showed me where to download it, I would love you eternally! 

And so happened I'm a Doctor Who fan either =)
So I've made this wallpaper =)
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A Family At War [22 Sep 2009|11:04pm]

Hi there girls! We've been somewhat quiet these days, eh? Well, I came along just to say "Hi" and I brought a little gift for you - two short clips from young David's appearance in "Family at War". In the first he's showing off in his "very classy" PJs and in the second he's showing off in his very classy uniform while visiting the sick. Please enjoy!

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Hi there :) [19 Sep 2009|10:41pm]


Hi there, glad to see ya, Dixon fans!
I'm Selina form Bulgaria, 19 years old (if that's in any significance) and I've just discovered the unique and dashing charm of The Man you all are worshiping here.

In 2005 i saw The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I hadn't read the book and I liked the movie very much. I was kinda surprised to hear that the fans were furious about Mos Def playing Ford Prefect. I mean - so what? He's black, big deal. Why should everyone be such a racists? Some weeks later I actually get to read the book and I realized what was wrong. The curiosity began to grow in me and I decided to find out who that "other Ford"-guy was. I asked Dr. Google and that's what I found out:

Dazzling, isn't he.

Unfortunately, I was not able to acquire the TV show, so that was everything I had to live with. Until a week or so ago. Now I'm looking for the other David Dixon movies. I already saw "The Sweeney" and "Tutti Frutti" episodes that he's in and "The Tempest" and "Robin Hood" clips on YouTube and I'm currently on a hunt for "Lillie". Wish me luck!


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Helloo.... [31 Jul 2009|02:00pm]

so I should probably introduce myself.... Im new. Hi. How are ya?

No but seriously, i wanted to make an appearance because frankly im in love with Ford Prefect, and therefore David. I actually dont know much else about his career other than he was Ford Prefect and Prince John in The Legend of Robin Hood. If any of you would like to fill me in on his works, I would love that!

Hopefully Im welcome as well.... it appears that noone has made any big posts to this community in awhile, so.... *shrugs*


Its probably not something you haven't seen before but.... ah well...
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Zeitgeist-going galactic [18 Jul 2009|11:33am]
 Hello everyone. Our planet is not quite to the point of being demolished for a hyper- space bypass but it is getting there. But we could have a world full of imagination instead of corporate and governmental servitude. 

If anyone is interested in hiking beyond the mainstream 'guide' please check out the movement,

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Let us cleanse the palate [17 Jul 2009|11:13am]

Since the last post seemed to freak the Dixonites out a bit, why don't we enjoy some old-school David in his guest appearance on The Sweeney here. The perm! The nicely fitting suit!
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I fear for our man's sanity. [18 Jun 2009|04:35pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Our beloved David has recently starred in two videos by Paddington and Montgomery (don't know who they are but they appear to be out of their minds), and soundtracked by The Sans Pareil. They're bizarre. They're called "Uncle Pappy's Pink Sausage Loot" and "Teeth Thief". I didn't watch all of "Pink Sausage Loot"- David doesn't even show up until halfway through. As for Teeth Thief, well, it's quite disturbing and bloody and centers around David's character, "Uncle Pappy", removing his teeth. Why anyone would want to film that, I have no idea. Anway, I thought I'd post links to these because at least it means he's doing something. But like I said, they're disturbing, so please don't kill me if they scar you for life.
Here they are. Pink Sausage Loot:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ezUpxg5qik&feature=related                           
                          Teeth Thief: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2PXcXZuWGk

David, seriously, WTF?

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new article mention [09 Dec 2008|08:21pm]

Long time no post! I found the following passages in an article on Richard Beckinsale from the Nottingham Evening Post:

Eventually Richard made it into Clarendon, where he met other aspiring actors including David Dixon, who went on to be Ford Prefect on the BBC2 version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
He said: "We used to go to a folk club called The News House, just off Slab Square . Our drink was black and tans - Mackesons and mild - but I could only drink one or I'd be sick all night and wake up with a terrible hangover. Richard didn't have that problem."

Speaking of David and Richard Beckinsale, have people seen this video?
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dixonite man [07 Nov 2008|01:23pm]

I have been commanded by my boyfriend to alert you to the fact that he has recently got his hair cut just like one of the photographs of David Dixon as Prince John (notably, when he's all lovely and naked in the steamroom - oh yes...) and since he already looked a touch like Mr. Dixon himself, it's a wonderful treat to have him around the house.
Again, as promised previously, as soon as he is back on the market, I will let all you lucky ladies know. I'm not intending on making that anytime soon though!
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David as Dr. Who? [06 Nov 2008|06:21am]

YES.  I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who, but mostly the stuff pre-Paul McGann. I do like Tennant but when I heard he was stepping down it seemed a fantastic opportunity for Mr. Dixon to step into the role (YAY!).  Now, question is...would David want to do it?  What do you all think?
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epidemy of a traveller [28 Oct 2008|11:58pm]
Most of us know David best as Ford Prefect. Through Ford David Dixon expresses Adam's 'detached-clever-and-always-motivated' feelings on life and the universe. The vast bliss that comes from our traveling through existence touches the mind in way that only the Hitch Hiker's Guide can unlock.

 we are all apart of something "unimaginable"

David, You bring that to life!

thank you and 
   Happy Birthday

Best Wishes,
Devon (oct 28 1985)
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Happy birthday to David! [28 Oct 2008|09:15pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Today is David's birthday! (Well not really because it's like 3:00 AM in England. So it WAS David's birthday.)

Happy birthday to him. *throws confetti*

PS: This is rather random, but has anyone else noticed that he has almost the same birthday as John Cleese?

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o! for the love of david... [29 Jul 2008|09:45pm]

I always loved the Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy television series, but it wasn't until watching Jumping Beanbag a number of months ago that I realised how much I truly desired him. There must be something about watching a man half-naked in a loin-cloth.
Here's the strange thing though...my boyfriend has something about him which reminds me of David Dixon so much! In fact, he sometimes even wears a pin-striped blazer with a badge which proudly proclaims "Prefect" as a little bit of an in-joke. It's the shape of the eyes and the fair hair, probably.
Anyhow, I adore David Dixon with quite a passion, and half of me is sorry that so many other people also worship him, since obviously, the day he comes to claim me as his bride (despite a 43-year age gap!) will be a sad one for you...
I jest, I jest. I live in Scotland, and have just noticed, from reading through your posts, that he lives in Eastriggs? Hmm. I must journey there, and declare my ardent affections for the rest of his life. Perhaps it is best to stick with a man who looks like a young David Dixon though.

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